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Pulled-over driver thought police boss wanted race

Pulled-over driver thought police boss wanted race

A driver pulled over by a police boss driving an unmarked car told him, “sorry, I thought you wanted to race”.

The driver, who accepted a caution, was stopped by Nick Adderley, Northamptonshire’s chief constable, at about 22:15 GMT on Thursday.

Mr Adderley said the man had been involved in “rather excitable driving”.

“The roads are slippery and we have lost far too many motorists this year. Please take care on the roads,” Mr Adderley said.

The driver, who was stopped on the A5076 in Northampton, received a caution for inconsiderate driving.

After posting details of the encounter on Twitter, Mr Adderley received praise from his staff and other forces.

It is not the first time Mr Adderley has stopped a driver whilst on the road.

Earlier this year, he arrested a 21-year-old woman who passed his unmarked car as she drove at 95mph.

When he pulled over the VW Golf, he discovered the woman had a 17-month-old toddler in the back.


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