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The Pornification of Netflix Continues

The Pornification of Netflix Continues

Time to Watch Porn on Netflix Again

There was a time last summer, pretty much exactly a year ago, when everyone was basically watching porn on Netflix.

The kinky soft-core international series 365 Days, which Daily Beast critic Nick Schager called “a Polish Fifty Shades of Grey,” became a sensation. It spawned debate about its controversial storyline and the abusive nature of its sex scenes—but also inspired a few “everyone be quiet so I can watch my explicit sex scenes in peace” retorts.

Then Gaspar Noé’s 2015 film Love somewhat inexplicably became the service’s most-watched movie. Not only does the move feature multiple unsimulated sex scenes, it opens with its leading man being masturbated by his female co-star’s nipple until he eventually ejaculates, his erect penis pointed at the camera as he orgasms into the lens. Cinema, baby! (When it premiered, this was all in 3D…)

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