Asked to quit on the spot? OK, I will take you up on that :)

Asked to quit on the spot? OK, I will take you up on that :)

The internet is full of stories and r/MaliciousCompliance is generally where you will find me reading them. This one Posted byu/Samae3l makes you feelreal good. Who hasn’t walked out of a job before? I have.


This happened 20 years ago after i had just turned 18 and during my first adult job as a cook in a franchise that has a very creepy clown as a mascot.

After working there for 6 months, i decided that I preferred to work as a bartender so it was known that I was looking to find some other job in a bar. This is a bit relevant with what happened.

So, I was supposed to clock out at 4 pm. As soon as my shift ended, I punched my card (yes, we used to punch cards back then) and I was on my way to change clothes so i can leave. As I was leaving the kitchen a big group of customers (like 10 or 12) walk in the store, so one of the managers, demanded me stay to help. Note, she did not ask me if i can help, she demanded that i help even though i had already clocked out. Being 18 and nice, i agreed to stay to help.

Around 20 minutes later and i was still in the kitchen with several orders still to do, so i was complaining to the second manager who is also working the kitchen at the time that i really needed to go.

For some reason, the other manager (the one that demanded that i stayed to help) overheard my complaint and starts yelling at me that i am useless and that i should be grateful that i have a job and that i shouldn’t say these things as she knows i am searching for another job and she could fire me on the spot. Mind you, she was not working the kitchen she just entered the kitchen to grab some stuff. So i told her that i had already finished my shift and i was not getting paid for the extra time i was there, and that I was already late for the plans i had. So she yelled to me:

“If you want to leave now, i might as well quit”

Cue Malicious Compliance. I followed her instruction to the letter. I told her:

“Yes, I want to leave now, so i quit!”

I took off my shirt and pants (as they were company issued), and went to pick up my stuff wearing only my underwear. Even after picking up my clothes i didn’t bother to get dressed just walked out of the front door in my underwear. My shoes were also mine so i was not barefoot. I walked to my car, where i put on the rest of my clothes.

This happened in full view of the customers as the kitchen is in direct view from the whole store. She was dumbfounded and some customers even clapped and cheered because they heard how nasty she was being with me.

Later i found out that she was reprimanded by the owner (probably because everything happened in view of customers) and i even got a small bonus on my last paycheck. Within the next couple of weeks found a bar tending job that i kept for a few years. So in the end everything was for the best.


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