Can CBD Be the Next Superbug Slayer?

Can CBD Be the Next Superbug Slayer?

Researchers are testing CBD and antibiotics — and the cannabinoid by itself — against drug-resistant bacteria.

he syringe was “very full, very large,” and it would make sitting down uncomfortable for a while.

“Kit” had gone to the health center in Chicago for a full panel of STI tests — it had been a minute, after all, and regular screenings are an important part of safe, multi-partner relationships.

During the test, they were told the health center would be double-checking for gonorrhea — “there’s a new antibiotic-resistant strain” about, Kit explains.

Kit tested positive for the bacteria.

Fearing the chance it was the superbug version — one resistant to antibiotics — the staff shot Kit up with a double dose of antibiotics (in that very full, very large syringe) and left them with a stern warning to avoid all sexual activity, lest they potentially infect someone else.

The health center staff’s concerns are well founded, and shared by researchers attempting to find new weapons in our constant microbial arms race.

And they’ve found potential in a popular panacea that many people claim can do just about anything: cannabidiol (CBD). But unlike most CBD remedies on the market, CBD and antibiotics actually has some science behind it.

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