Stop the goat, please the Emperor. Literally!

Stop the goat, please the Emperor. Literally!

The Emperor Wu of Jin had so many women he could choose to sleep with, that he didn’t know who to choose. So, he rode a small cart pulled by a goat and he would sleep with whichever woman managed to stop the goat.

Emperor Wu of Jin

Was was the grandson of Sima Yi and son of Sima Zhao. He became the first emperor of the Jin dynasty after forcing Cao Huan, last ruler of the state of Cao Wei, to abdicate to him. He reigned from 266 to 290, and after conquering the state of Eastern Wu in 280, was the emperor of a unified China. Emperor Wu was known for his extravagance and sensuality, especially after the unification of China; legends boasted of his incredible potency among ten thousand concubines.

In 281, Emperor Wu took 5,000 women from Sun Hao’s palace into his own, and thereafter became even more concentrated on feasting and enjoying the women, rather than on important matters of state.

It was said that there were so many beautiful women in the palace that he did not know whom he should have sexual relations with; he therefore rode on a small cart drawn by goats, and wherever the goats would stop, he would stop there, as well. Because of this, many of the women planted bamboo leaves and salt outside their bedrooms both items said to be favored by goats.


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